North Cyprus Holidays!

Kyren comes to mind when it comes to holidays and entertainment in Cyprus. With 5 star hotels, super luxurious facilities and casinos and fun nightclubs, Girne is a very fun holiday destination. Nicosia is a city of great importance for tourism with its cultural values, historical values ​​left by civilizations on these lands. If you have time, both cities can get your route. Beside these, Gazi Famagusta is a city with its own style. Here you can see the world’s most famous beaches. There are also quite luxurious facilities. So it’s not too hard to make a vacation plan in the island. There are too many places to see. The only distress you will have is the time constraint that does not allow you to explore the island as you wish.

Besides, let’s talk about what you need to look out for in the island. Transportation is the most important problem. There is not a certain transportation network. While taxi fares can be considered attractive, car hire is one of the most preferred modes of transportation. Because you can have the opportunity to visit the island in much more affordable prices. Moreover, Turkey’s to your advantage to be valid driver’s license. However, you should remember that the adverse direction of the traffic is in the island. To make your holiday more enjoyable, you can also rent a car.

Another thing you should know before going to Cyprus for a holiday is the visa and passport procedures. You can go out without needing a passport as you do not need a visa. If you are renting a car, do not forget your driver’s license. On the other hand, it does not matter if your passport is with you. If you travel to Greece or Southern Cyprus only, the sight of Northern Cyprus’s passport on your passport may cause trouble. Besides all this, the DutyFree facility is one of the details that makes your trip fun. You should not forget shopping enjoyment.

Our final recommendation for the Cyprus vacation will be related to hotel selection. The hotel choice is both easy and difficult in Northern Cyprus. Namely; you will encounter too many quality hotels. While it’s easy to find good quality hotels, choosing between these options can be difficult. The facilities, each of which is more advantageous and luxurious than the other, promise you a holiday with a variety of entertainment possibilities. Some hotels have only pool facilities, some are maritime ones, and others can have both facilities. So you can make your choice considering your wishes and preferences. A trip with historical character is possible in Kyrenia, but Nicosia can be considered as a city that can not be visited by visitors to the island for sea holiday. You can organize your holiday by planning accordingly.

Location: Nicosia – Department: Holiday Servise
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