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Ercan Airport

    Ercan Airport Car Hire

    Car Hire North Cyprus need is the most preferred form of transport for visitors when coming to Ercan Airport Car Hire or Car Rental Weather is for business or holiday. Low petrol prices, luck of regular public transport and having the luxury of your own transport car hire in North Cyprus is more economical and most desirable. You will receive satisfaction guaranteed service from the moment you communicate with our solution focused customer service.

    Since 2008, We Car Hire Ercan Airport North Cyprus approximately over 5000 cars every year. We invite you to join our long list of satisfied customers.

    Car Hire Fleet

    8 Years Rent a Car Experience

    We have been in “Car Rental” business for many years and have 92% customer satisfaction rate. Our aim is always for 100% satisfaction hence we always looking to improve quality of service.

    Loved by customers

    We are our most valuable investors we have accumulated. We are satisfied with the service we provide and are at your service with our large and large company.

    Car Hire Ercan Airport

    Address: Ercan Airport, A8 Autopark Place - North Cyprus

    Phone: +90 542 888 11 88

    Business Hours

    We can deliver cars 7/24

    With reservations.

    Ayaz Rent a Car is the 1st company when it comes to car hire North Cyprus. Hiring a north cyprus rent a car is easy, when you hire a car in Northern Cyprus you can get around very easily and enjoy our island.

    North Cyprus Car Hire Company

    7/24 Reservation

    Our customer representative for your car rental needs in TRNC is on the phone for your 24/7 reservations.

    Pre-Sales Support

    You can find answers to all your questions about car rental from our customer representatives.

    Solutions for Needs

    Once you have identified your car hire needs in terms of number of people, travel route, and so on, we provide you with an optimum yield.

    Latest Car Models

    You will enjoy traveling with the latest model, economical, economical and safe vehicles with our constantly renewed vehicle fleet.

    Boutique Service

    all of your needs to provide rental options and satisfaction on this subject are preconceived. We work professionally to give you the best quality rent a car service.

    Support after sale

    After the rental service, your minds, roads, and so on. In short, you can learn everything you care about from our teams who make uninterrupted rent a car customer representatives.

    Continuous Transfer

    You decide where your journey will start and how we will do it.

    Incomplete Leadership

    In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus you will receive the most innovative, safest and most comfortable car rental service from our company which is the leader of the car rental sector.
    and more...

    First of all, we carry our canons in our vehicles, for us safety and satisfaction is the front plan, as the condition of the tires of our vehicles, the chassis and the chassis must be absolutely.

    Our vehicles are serviced 4 times a year by Authorized Servist, so we also provide road assistance service. Failing to do so will make your visit problematic.

    The insurance of our vehicles is under Kasko guarantee, so be sure to find out the insurance conditions of your vehicle to guarantee yourself.

    We are a limited liability company registered in Northern Cyprus and we rent our own car fleet. We can park our car at Ercan Airport and receive it at the same place.

    Reliable Cruises with ComfortableVehicles

    You will Excited About North Cyprus Holiday Opportunities

    23000 customers in 8 years, in 23 countries used our service, when doing their holiday in Northern Cyprus