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Car Rental. Kıbrıs Tatili Turizm LTD has attracted attention with its investments and innovations since its foundation. website to provide the best quality service to car rental customers. All the processes related to rent a car service bring a different point of view to the leasing service with the plus values ​​offered by our customer and security oriented company.

North Cyprus Car Hire Companies

We are one of the car hire company in Northern Cyprus.

Security Priority

Our company always keeps the safety of customers always in front since the day it started to serve. Since the day it was founded, our company has spent all of its efforts with safety priorities. Our company has developed operational processes that change the quality of the service sector. These include indispensable sanctions such as vehicle maintenance before and after the rental, as well as services such as providing a baby seat for extra security.

Customer Focus

Our company which develops for customer satisfaction in renting services continuously develops itself with customer services offered before and after sales. Believing in the importance of providing information for an effective rental experience, Cyprus Car Rental develops customer satisfaction.

Sectoral Awareness

The sector is oriented with the developments and service differences that our company made. Cyprus Car Leasing, which aims to offer the best of the pioneering pride and customers, plays an effective role in social responsibility and awareness projects.

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Our firm, which has been active for more than 10 years, has a car rental service and its fleet is composed of the latest model vehicles, expert representatives from the field and quality services. We are honored to lead the sector with our services and raise the quality of service in Cyprus